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Valvotronics was founded by Robert Derby to create products that have the sound of vintage tube gear, and more, with the reliability of modern equipment and uncompromising audio quality. Valvotronics equipment has been used in recording studios worldwide, live music venues, and many Broadway shows and tours. Leading engineers, producers, musicians and sound designers swear by their Valvo's- shouldn't you hear the difference for yourself?

NEW in 2013 for Valvotronics:
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Many custom engineering solutions, many prototypes/

D-19 Tube D.I. /Preamp Video & Audio from Bass Guitar Magazine.

> D19 Tube Direct Preamp available now!
The Newest version of the award winning Valvotronics Tube D.I., The Valvotronics D-19. This time we added a great tube Mic preamp to the world's best D.I. and a cool new vintage looking metal flake finish.
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